Zaylor's Under Water

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Underwater lived a God named Zaylor which had power to have authority and also control over everyone and everything he had created underwater. Zaylor had a wife who was Safora a Goddess with power to control weather and create things such as humans. Zaylor and Safora also had a daughter named Annaniiza who had not, yet found her power. Zaylor the God of the waters was very close to his daughter Annaniiza he raised her to be very respectful and obedient young girl, but one day safora was wondering the waters and ran into a boy named Charter who wasn’t a God and didn’t have any powers. She had been seeing him and talking to him for awhile then one day she decides to let him meet her parents Zaylor and Goddess Safora immediately did not like the young boy,…show more content…
so he came to the conclusion to forgive her this time, since she was a good kid and doesn’t get into trouble when Annaniiza heard her father say he would forgive her she was very happy, however she still didn’t want to stop talking to Charter she loved him. After the day had passed and darkness came Annaniiza snuck out her underwater palace to see Charter, while her and charter talked she told him how he wasn’t good enough. Charter was very upset he loved Annaniiza, but morning was coming and Annaniiza was still not home, till her father woke up and seen she was not in the palace he had everyone underwater search for his daughter so hours after he noticed she was gone he thought it was taking to long to find her so he went to find her himself. While Annaniiza was telling Charter her goodbyes Zaylor the God ran into her, when he had seen she was with that boy he took them both back to the palace and told his wife Safora they are both to be punished for being disobedient. Because of Annaniiza’s disobedience Zaylor came to the conclusion his wife erode a big high rock on land and put them both
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