Zebra Mussels Essay

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Food and Diet? Zebra Mussels are omnivores and can be a primary or secondary consumer. Zebra Mussels consume plankton and algae. Habitat? According to Zebra mussels live in still or slow-moving freshwater, and attach themselves to any hard surface under water. They need water that is not acidic at all to grow best. Most zebra mussels live in water that is 2 to 12 meters deep. In shallower water waves and ice make it harder for Zebra Mussels to survive. They can live in much deeper water -- some zebra mussels have been found as deep as 60 meters, and they can probably live deeper than that. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------…show more content…
The source of Zebra Mussels are freshwater rivers and lakes in Eastern Europe and western Asia. When were they found? Zebra mussels were discovered in Lake St. Clair in 1988, Which is located near Michigan. How did they get here? The general consensus by scientists is that zebra mussels came into the Great Lakes from ballast water dumping by large vessels from
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