Zephyr Steppes Research Paper

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Most dragons of the Zephyr Steppes were natural born fliers, catching the wind in their tiny, crude wings within a few hours after they were hatched. But not Chip. Nooo, Chip was different from all the rest. The second his eggshell cracked, he waddled to the food stores and began munching on a yellow jumper spider. He loved to toddle around the lair and bite the tails of unsuspecting dragons, chew through the food reserves, and mix flours and sugars with his enormous, flat feet. When it came to flying, Chip was...average. Okay, maybe less than average. Okay, maybe a lot less than average. He tried and tried again to jump into the crisp gales that encircled his domain, but his fat little body fell to the ground with each sad attempt. No matter
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