Zhoushan Comparison

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“Each man reads his own meaning into New York" - Meyer Berger. New York is the one of the largest city in the world which located at east of the united states, it is a lovely, modern and fashion city, so many different culture are exchange and blending at here, which makes this city has so much power to influences the world on the financial, media, politics, entertainment and fashion areas. As a part of New Yorker, I love this city. Although, my hometown also is locate at the east of China. As the “Holy land between sky and sea”, Zhoushan is the first and largest archipelago city in China, over 1390 islands are there, the main traditionally culture is the marine culture, “Sea, Scenery, fishing”. There are many similarities and different between …show more content…

At first, two cities both nearby sea, and they are the important and busy port city in their country. New York port is the busiest one at North America, because it near by the heavy traffic lane in Atlantic, and has great conditions for natural ports, automatically, New York become the most important hub for shipping transportation in Europe and America. Furthermore, New York port is the footstones, which makes New York City successful. On the other hand, Zhoushan is located between east cities with open seas, which is the important hub, which relate east modern cities with other Asian counties. There was the “Sixteen centrals Shanghai”. When the first Opium War happened, the first place that British wants to perpetual occupied is here, but the Qing regime refused, for instead, they gave British Hong Kong for instead. Second, as the one of the most famous city in the world, New York’s consumption is not cheap which compare with other cities in the United States. Based on research, New Yorker’s daily consumption is over higher than the American’s average. However, my hometown Zhoushan as a fourth class cities (First class cities, like Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen. Higher class means this city has better economic), the price of commodities are over than Shanghai, which means Zhoushan’s people living with middle class income by average, and spend in the top class

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