Zoë Quinn's The Fine Young Capitalists

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When you think of the average gamer who comes to mind? On television you probably see some over-weight and unemployed guy who is living in the basement of his parents’ house. The visual discourse in this is that only males are gaming “nerds” and that there is no place in the field for women. The group called The Fine Young Capitalists (TFYC) try to change that narrative with a contest of their own allowing women to create their own ideas for games. Some disturbing contradictions came out of their mission, and it was criticized by game developer Zoë Quinn. TYFC is a radical feminist group founded by Matthew Rappard, the only named person involved. According to author Dustin Kidd (2017), “The group operates as an anonymous collective whose goal…show more content…
The other five choices were the Prostate Cancer Foundation, the Mankind Initiative, the Jewish Internet Defense Force, Survivors UK, and the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (Kidd, 2017, p. 129). The problem with all of these charities is that they are mostly supporting men. If the gaming portion of this group is the only focus on women’s equality in gaming, it seems one can reason that the group is only doing this to find future ways to profit off of women from designing and developing. There was no profiting initially because the ninety-two percent not paid directly to the winner went to charity, but that did not mean the ideas could not be used for profit later on. Typically, when groups fight for a specific cause they will try to give all proceeds to that cause in a certain way. They could have given the rest of the money to women’s organizations and few people would have questioned the profit side of…show more content…
Advocating for women’s equality in gaming, she questioned the process of the women developers basically working for free and giving up their ideas. Rappard said that his intentions were only to help women, but only earning eight percent commission seems to be very little compared to what they could make. There is also the problem that rest of the money could have went to men’s charities. She also claimed the group was “transphobic” (Kidd, 2017, p. 128). Trans people had to declare themselves as female before March 11, 2014 to be eligible to participate. The reason was so that men would not declare themselves as women just to gain access to a potential reward, but the idea of this is
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