Zoo Atlant The Gorillas

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We could not have asked for a more perfect day to explore Zoo Atlanta. Upon our arrival the gorillas were visible and active. There was plenty of things happening to observe. I expected to see very diverse behavior among the groups of gorillas. I was excited to observe and learn as much as I could about these fascinating animals.
We arrived just in time for the Gorilla feeding. The zookeeper was very knowledgeable about the gorillas and talked to us the entire time he was feeding them. We were able to ask questions and he answered all of them. Because of that I learned a little bit about the gorillas. The zookeeper knows all the different things about the gorillas because they studied primatology which is the study of apes, monkeys, and prosimians. The gorillas eat twice a day and that includes 10 pounds a day of fruit and vegetables. They also eat a mix that includes vitamins and minerals. Since gorillas are vegetarians they recieve all their nutrients from fruits and vegetables. All of the gorillas are monitored regularly by getting their blood pressure checked and receiving EKG’s. The female gorillas take birth control, just like human women do. Since they are so human-like they can catch human diseases so the zookeepers have to wear masks and gloves when coming in contact with them. The zookeeper wore gloves when tossing their food to them. They can also catch the flu so every year all the gorillas get a flu shot. Gorillas are hominoids which are a zoological

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