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6 February /2013
Aristotle’s Tragic Hero
In order to fulfill the requirements of a tragic hero, a hero or a heroine must have certain characteristics. For example, they are required to be a member of royalty, be neither completely good nor completely bad, they have to be responsible for their own downfall due to a hamartia and lastly they need to realize their mistakes and accept their consequences. In Antigone, there are two main characters that fit the criteria of a tragic hero, but only the protagonist, Antigone meets all of the conditions.
Antigone meets the second requirement of a tragic heroine, by fulfilling the criteria of being neither entirely good nor completely bad. In the opening of the play, Antigone
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She believes that her, “blasphemy of my birth has followed me”( iv, 44). By her using this quote, she reveals that if it weren 't for her being born into incest, her family wouldn’t be cursed as they are. Furthermore, she argues, “ No more, Ismene. You are alive, but I belong to death” (ii, 146). This Quotation reveals Antigone accepting her consequences that she has to die due to her act. Furthermore, realizing that his judgment was unwise Creon changes his mind from the harsh punishment of public stoning to her being locked in a cave with a limited amount of food. Antigone shows she is accepting her consequence by responding, “ Then let me go, since all your words are bitter, and the very light of the sun is cold to me. Lead me to my vigil, where I must have neither love nor lamentation; no song, but silence” (iv, 282). This quote reveals that Antigone no matter what she did took her consequences and realized that burying Polynieces was all worth it. Overall, we see Antigone fulfilling her requirements of accepting her consequences of what she did. From the time she was caught to the time she was given her sentence, she never denied nor took back what she had done.
Although both Creon and Antigone fulfill the requirements of being a member of royalty, being neither completely good nor bad, being responsible for their own downfall due to hubris and lastly recognizing their own hamartia
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