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SArajevo School of science and technology Bear Stearns Collapse 2007 A short analysis ISMAR HOTA Table of Contents Introduction 3 Literature Review 3 Methodology 4 Analysis 5 Introduction 5 About Bear Stearns 6 The Culture at Bear Stearns 6 The Collapse of Bear Sterns 7 The Ethical Issues behind the Bear Stearns Collapse 8 What are subprime mortgages and its Ethical Failures? 8 The Lack of Corporate Governance at Bear Sterns 9 Moral Hazard at Bear Stearns 10 Non Ethical Conduct of the Regulators 11 Conclusion 11 Work Cited 13 Introduction This paper will presents the demise of Bear Stearns, the fifth biggest US investment bank at the time. It is broken down into two parts, analysis and conclusion. The analysis of this paper …show more content…

This matter is subject to a deeper analysis. It can be looked at from a number of perspectives including anthropological, cultural and psychological. The paper design is presented in a form of a case study which aims to present to the reader the case and has a goal to teach the reader with key issues which were responsible for the financial crisis of 2008 i.e., over landing subprime mortgages, speculations which led to inflated prices and eventually burst the housing bubble causing the banks to be stuck with large amounts of toxic worthless assets etc. The case study gives a concise explanation and the analysis of the ethical/unethical conduct at Bear Stearns which brought it to its demise. It uses this company example to present the key learning objectives to the reader. The strategy used this besides presenting the findings in the case study form also uses narrative research technique which gives an insight of the Bear Stearns’ culture and its business. This case study by no means gives the opinion of the author and solely bases its conclusions on the materials used to design the paper. Therefore, the conclusions are built upon deductive reasoning based on the information available about the financial markets and bout Bear Stearns. Analysis The analysis is going to briefly introduce Bear Stearns by presenting its business activities and its culture. It will then talk about the collapse of Bear Stearns and then

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