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DE PAUL UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF COMMERCE DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT BUSINESS LAW - 201 INSTRUCTOR: SAMUEL B. GARBER, M.B.A., J.D. PHONE: 312-362-6788 Course Description: Legal Environment of Business: History of law from the Common Law down to the present Uniform Commercial Code, including ethical considerations and social responsibilities fundamental principles of law pertaining to business and persons, contracts and principal-agent relationship. (Prerequisite: Sophomore Standing). Offered every term. Textbook: Smith and Roberson 's Business Law, 15th Edition Course Design and Objectives 1. Informational: To acquire accurate and useful information concerning the various legal structures which shape legal…show more content…
Then the steps regarding an appeal to a Court of Review, which differentiated from the "trial court," the ruling of the Appellate Court and the steps that may be followed thereafter, until the litigation is finally concluded. Armed with this preparation, the students are then introduced to the definitions of contract; the classification of contracts into express, implied, unilateral, bilateral, valid, void, voidable, unenforceable, joint, joint and several, entire divisible and unconscionable. The four elements of a contract are then explained as being Capable parties; Agreement, arising out of an offer and Acceptance, Consideration and Legality of object. The next portion of the course is devoted to explaining and discussing, these various elements of a contract. Capacity: The ability of persons to make contracts as welt as the limitations some persons to contract is discussed, with particular reference being made to insane persons, adjudicated or otherwise; Intoxicated persons; Corporation aliens; Married Women - including the liability that a

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