##cial Profiling By The Police And Racial Profiling In Canada

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Canada is considered a mosaic of cultures in which different cultures and ethnicities co-exist peacefully together. This type of statement ignores the fact that racial bias is prevalent in Canada. Racial bias occurs when views about a certain race impacts the interaction and thought about individuals of that certain race. When racial bias does occur, there is a higher chance that the minority will face racial profiling, in which the minority is profiled due to a stereotype of their race. Racial profiling by the police has negatively impacted minority races, especially the Black and Aboriginal populations. The Black and Aboriginal populations are overrepresented in many categories, such as being overrepresented in police stops and in prisons. This review of literature towards racial profiling states that racial minorities such as the Black and Aboriginal populations face racial bias by the police because of negative racial attitudes that the officer believes of those youths. The racial bias towards Black and Aboriginals had led to the overrepresentation of Blacks and Aboriginals in jails.
Bias and Perception: The Overrepresentation of Minorities
Early research into Race and Crime has revealed that there was racial bias in Canada. Roberts and Doob (1997) in their article called Race, Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice in Canada argue that there is evidence to prove that there is racial bias in the criminal justice system, based on their analysis of literature towards

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