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I have sent emails to you to talk about my devised topic. My topic is to talk about memorable characters: round and dynamic, flat or static. These characters play different roles for different purpose. I will choose one character form each of Charlotte 's Web and Hana 's Suitcase that I find are important to their stories. I will examine their development, their purposes in the text and their overall impact on the themes. The round and dynamic characters in Charlotte’s Web and Hana’s Suitcase The protagonist of Charlotte’s Web is the pig Wilbur, though the title is named after Charlotte. As a round character, Wilbur is described in detail and fully developed from his appearance to characteristics. …show more content…

George’s internality changes with the change of the social environment around them. He used to have a happy and limpid childhood till the Germany Nazis pillaged everything from him. He was just a little boy no older than fifteen, but because Hana is even younger, “George

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