competitive priority and forecasting Essay

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1.0. Introduction 2
2.0. Competitive Priority 3
2.1. The sales division 3
2.2. The cafeteria 4
2.3. The hire branch 5
3.1. Time series 6
4.0. Discussion 7
4.1. Expend Population 7
4.2. Environmental 8
5.0. Conclusion 8
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7.0. References 10

1.1. Introduction
Gardening becomes hugely popular in the last decade, and this trend will continue. According to Key Note (2014), over the next 5 years, a considerable growth of 3.3% in the garden market will be estimated, particularly in lawnmowers and powered garden tools and equipment. The trend boomed include many reasons such as economy, lifestyle, and environmental awareness. The economy situation is recovered that means the ability of
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Additional, the item in Dobbies is more variety, it sales gardening tools associated equipment and consumables that Wyevale does not. For example, except the normal charismas trees, lights, essentials, wreaths & garlands, the products for charismas also offer themes toys and hampers etc. (Dobbies, 2014).

Table 1. The price of garden spade compare.
2.3. The cafeteria
Quality, time and cost should be considered when ruing a restaurant. Quality is competitive priority the cafeteria of Dobbies garden center, because it could deliver an outstanding service and food to its consumers. To be specific, Dobbies has an executive chief, Adriano Trebbi, who was a senior chef at 5* Midland Crowne plaza, so high performance design and service could supply. Moreover, the food quality is also good, fresh seasonal food and delicious British classics and dishes are always on the menus. All food is homemade and all resources are from local, which attend to always keeps fresh, natural and healthy (Dobbies, 2014).
Ikea also has restaurant, and they offer quality food at low prices. The maximum amount of Trans Fats in IKEA is about 2% in total, and the meats meet the animal welfare standard and developed together with CIWF so its safe and quality (IKEA, 2014). IKEA is working in all parts of the food chain, from the farm to the IKEA store but Dobbise get the food source from local farm so the cost is lower. As a result, the price of food is extremely cheap
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