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Denzel Washington plays veteran L.A.P.D. Det. Sgt. Alonzo Harris. For thirteen years this highly decorated cop has been on the front lines in the war against narcotics. He's pledged to protect and serve the citizens of Los Angeles, but his optimism about police work has long since been chipped away by the reality of life on the streets. He and the tight-knit group of officers that report to him have crossed the line between legality and corruption. They find themselves breaking the laws they're supposed to enforce. Alonzo's ethics and his logic are in complete opposition to the "book" which most cops must follow. "It takes a thief to catch a thief,"
Hoyt is a young naive cop that is given twenty-four hours to train …show more content…

I will do whatever I must to get whatever I want
9. I’m really smarter than most everybody else
My focus is to build on his pro-social skills in essence, creating or strengthen his superego. Because of his “no one tells me what to do” attitude I must remember to be gentle but firm and not accept his aggressive personality. Alonzo will need to accept his responsibility for his action and outcomes. By helping his accept responsibility will challenge his cognitive distortions. Our goal is to also help him realize the dysfunctional nature of his actions. He will then hopefully begin to realize or see how his behavior, according to him are viewed as clever and complex, but in reality are transparent and childlike.
The initial goal of therapy is the assessment of the problems and to select the appropriate treatment plan, with Alonzo there is a very high level of resistance. He became extremely anxious when his persona was threatened. The difficulty he had in changing was that he did not see his behavior as a mask but as the only way to behave. I also have to take into account his involuntary status, he will have the feeling of being coerced into the helping process by a third party, his employer. I will continue to work on the patient and helper relationship by incorporating or focusing more so on the invitational and reflecting skills.

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