##de And Cunegonde In William Shakespeare's Candide

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In French, the name of the novel "Candide" means "upright, pure, honest,” in English, the author wrote in the beginning of the second paragraph states that "natural disposition is the most smooth, look at his face, can know his heart. He knows right and wrong, and his mind is simple”. However I am here to discover something that shows he is not that Candide. Firstly, love between Candide and Cunegonde can tell us that he is betraying his lord. At the beginning when Candide fell in love with Cunegonde, who was a servant of the baron. He kissed her after picking up a handkerchief in his home, and kept on thinking of her when they were separating. At the end of the story of the reunion is full of drama: Candide actually doesn't want to get married with Cunegonde, I believe that he perhaps was just playing around with love, but the baron’s aggression has spirited Candide, so he cleverly punishes the baron by marrying her. The description of his rebellious character was strongly reflected in the fact that he had fallen in love with her from the first as a low class person in the society and the status of the servant, and finally married her to take a gamble with the baron which illustrate his rebellious personality. This rebellion itself is also changing. If he fell in love with Cunegonde, only under the human nature which drives him unconscious rebelled, so he, angered by baron and determined to marry with Cunegonde, is completely psychologically opposed to the baron.

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