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Privacy Issues: We All Have Them
In the essay, “Why Privacy Matters Even if You Have ‘Nothing to Hide’”, published on May 15, 2011, Professor Daniel J. Solove is trying his best to convince his well sophisticated audience that the issue of privacy affects more than just the everyday people veiling a wrong doing. His argument focuses around ethos, and a lot of it. Although there are some logos and pathos, they aren’t as nearly as strong as his ethos. In the type of society that we live in today, privacy has become more and more broad. Everyone sees it on an everyday occurrence just about; including on social networking sites, HIPAA forms, or even with people just simply observing …show more content…

He is developing his pathos with the use of emotional and powerful language in order to appeal to the audience’s well sophisticated emotions. Since Solove is speaking in an academic tone the audience is expected to be almost as sophisticated as Solove is. Finally, through endowing his logos by presenting the sophisticated audience with logical arguments towards the government using our personal information in data to do with whatever they please.
Throughout the introduction of his essay, Solove pin points on building his ethos and stating his credibility, as well as makes an ethical appeal to the audience. To aid to the credibility of his plea, he quotes fellow privacy experts, authors, and scholars throughout his whole introduction. These quotations enable Solove to conceal with the audience and speak to his credibility and trustworthiness that he has.
While the introduction to Solove’s essay is primarily on an ethical appeal to the audience; he reinstates his ethos throughout the paper by managing the rhetorical distance between himself
Wittke 4 and the audience, and secondly, by speaking in an active voice to let the sophisticated audience know of the importance that his argument brings.
He is not portraying himself as a superior to the audience and therefore creates good-will for the audience. Because Solove

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