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A lot of kids and even adults play video games. Almost everyone in the world has some sort of video game or some device that is used to play games on. It is what is new now, what everyone wants and sometimes needs. So no matter what, you will see people playing violent video games and you can’t stop it. How do violent video games not promote violent behavior? Violent video games do not promote violent behavior. Video games especially violent ones help vision and hand eye coordination, also crime rates in the U.S have gone down greatly since video games have gotten more and more popular, and the U.S government has not even seen any link in the behavior of people after playing violent games.

So many kids and adults have some kind of video game whether it be on the computer or on a phone or a game console. So many people think that video games are bad for you, your health, and your mind. Those people don’t know what they are talking about they don't have the facts. Studies have shown it improves you eyesight and no crimes have been caused from video games. Some people believe the cause of murders are because of violent video games. People believe that video games are bad for us when they really aren’t. These people don’t know anything if they say that, they havn’t done research on the positives and negatives.

A lot of parents don’t like their kids playing video games because they think the…

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