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We live in the fast growing world of globalization where the entire world has now shrunken into a small global village. Globalization has often been regarded as the ‘cradle’ of global economic development. This so called ‘world liberator’ however has not escaped criticism as opponents claim that it has been the cause of social evils and rising levels of poverty in developing countries. Due to the nature of globalization and in its bid to open up social, economic and political boundaries currently in place, various functions in different countries have been affected. This research will shed some light on the potential threats and benefits of globalization along with its …show more content…

They believe that we can mould globalization in a variety of ways because it offers us very real chances to create cross-national social movements aided by modern technology and new forms of communication like the internet.

Liberals see globalization as a long running transformation of world politics. This increased interconnectedness between societies which is economically and technically led, results in, very different patterns of world political relations.

Hyper-globalists argue that it is bringing about the death of the sovereign nation state, as, global forces undermine the ability of the government to control their own economies and societies (Ohme 1995).

Sceptics reject the idea of globalization as so much as “globaloney” and argue that the states and geopolitics remain the principle forces shaping world order (Krasner 1999)

A tranformationalist perspective argues that both the hyper-globalists and skeptics alike exaggerate their arguments and thereby misconstrue the contemporary world order.

By contrast the tranformationalist perspective takes globalization seriously it acknowledges that it is leading not so much to the fall of the sovereign state but to globalization of politics. Under these conditions, “politics everywhere, are related to politics everywhere else”

Why globalization?
Globalization is said to make the world smaller by bringing people closer, in a world without borders where goods and

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