human Papillomavirus, A Speech Outline Essay

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GENERAL PURPOSE: To inform about HPV SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To inform audience about genital HPV and its effects. THESIS / Central Idea: HPV is the most common sexually transmitted disease; all sexually active adults will get it at one point. Introduction I. (Attention Getter) The Center for Disease Control reports that 100% of sexually active men and women contract genital HPV II. (Relevancy Statement Being a college student you are most likely sexually active and between the ages of 15 and 24. This demographic group makes up three quarters of new infections. III. (Credibility Statement) I have been sexually active for over 10 years (15 if you count playing doctor) so the free clinic and I go way back like car seats. (Reveal Topic)…show more content…
(Transition: Now that we know what genital HPV causes let’s look at what it really is.) II. (MP 2) HPV or human papilloma virus is an umbrella term for a group of over 150 related viruses. Of these 150 around 40 are genital HPV. (Internal Preview: Most types of HPV have no negative effects except for the social stigma of having it. The 40 types that make up genital HPV also are usually harmless.) (SP 1) Genital HPV is divided into two groups. 1. The first group is the low-risk types. 1. HPV types 6 and 11 are in this group and cause most warts. 2. The second group is the high-risk types. 1. HPV types 16 and 18 are in this category and cause cervical cancer. (SP 2) Most infections clear up without you ever knowing you were infected. 1. Over 70% of young female infections clear up within 12 months according to the CDC 2. 90% of cases the body's own immune system destroys all the HPVs within 24 months. (SP 3) Genital HPV is more dangerous for women than men. 1. Although both men and women can get cancer, cervical cancer, which men do not get is by far the most common and dangerous. 2. The CDC reports that 10-15% of cases in women result in persistent infections, which can lead to cancers. (Internal Summary: Human papilloma virus as I mentioned before, is an umbrella term for a group of related viruses. Most infections pass without the infected ever knowing they had it. Some are harmless while others can cause embarrassing,

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