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Arka Bani Maini (10020510 )
Mid term paper on IPR : Copyrights

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property refers to all the intangible creations of the human mind, from scientific inventions to literary and artistic works; from symbols to names and images used in commerce. Earlier, Neo classical economics considered land, labour and capital as things of value. But slowly information and energy are replacing them as wealth creating assets.[1]As , the world gets more and more mobile , information can be transported instantaneously around the world , and any advantage gained by a rival company can be discarded effectively overnight. In such a scenario, a major challenge for companies would be to provide a blanket of protection for …show more content…

Some of the important amendments to the Copyright Act in 2012 are[4]
1. extension of copyright protection in the digital environment such as penalties for circumvention of technological protection measures and rights management information, and liability of internet service provider and introduction of statutory licences for cover versions and broadcasting organizations
2. ensuring right to receive royalties for authors, and music composers, exclusive economic and moral rights to performers, equal membership rights in copyright societies for authors and other right owners and exception of copyrights for physically disabled to access any works.

In the Copyright law of India , “Indian Work” means a literary, dramatic or musical work by an author who is a citizen of India , or which was first published in India ,or in case of an unpublished work , an author who at the time of creation , was a citizen of India. The total term of protection for literary work is the author’s life plus sixty years. For cinematographic films, records, photographs, posthumous publications, anonymous publication, works of government and international agencies the term is 60 years

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