Essay about introduction to Psychodynamic Therapies

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UNDERSTANDINGTHE DYNAMICS OF OBJECT RELATIONS WITH KLEIN and WINNICOT Zeynep Yildirim Fricker The unexamined life is not worth living. Socrates Introduction This is an introductory work to Psychodynamic Approaches. It aims to develop some understanding of the dynamics of the object relations, by presenting elements of both Klein and Winnicot’s approaches. Considering the size and the complexity of the subject, this essay should be considered as a summary of the summary. Every theory is born from assumptions and these assumptions became core principles of that theory. I therefore found it useful to explain the core assumptions of Psychodynamic/Psychoanalytic Theories in part 1. There are a few approaches to…show more content…
These drives come from the “id”, seeking satisfaction and avoiding suffering. Object relations emphasise the drive of seeking a relationship in addition to other drives. Fairbairn says that Libido is an object seeking impulse, rather than pleasure seeking (Grant and Crawley, 1999). 4th Assumption Epigenetic Development, in this the emphasis is on developmental stages, from womb to adolescence. In ageing human growth follows stages of development; experiences are accumulated in a particular order and each contributing to the structuring of personality. Every stage of development has its own duties to complete, hesitations and conflicts in the completion of these duties can cause fixations and stoppage, in the development of the personality. Psychodynamic therapy aims to start the process of resolving these conflicts and stoppages, and repairing stuck parts in order to achieve full development. In this process encouraging regression is a useful tool. 5th Assumption The mind is structured in 3 parts (i.e. tripartite). The id, ego and Super-ego., this was Freud’s idea and he suggested it in his Structure Theory. The Id is the primitive, unchangeable and unconscious part of the mind it‘s drives are the most powerful in those of us that are seeking immediate gratification without any assessment, qualification or time boundaries. In psychodynamics, the id
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