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Spring 2014 Learning Journal Instructions Prof. Piderit The purpose of the learning journal assignment is to promote your ability to personalize your learning, and to apply course concepts to your real life. In my experience, students retain what they write down in a learning journal for far longer than what they write in other class papers, or if they are studying for exams. (There are no exams in my section of this course, for this reason.) However, it is important to understand that your learning journal is NOT an edited version of your class notes. It should not simply regurgitate what you have read or what you have heard in class sessions. Although we have 20 class sessions, there are only 8 entries assigned…show more content…
Was your team high­performing? In what ways? In what ways did it fall short of your expectations, and why? Entry 8 Due during finals week, as negotiated due on Camino by Sat 5/3 at midnight Your Ideal Work Environment What have you learned this quarter about building & leading high­performing teams & organizations? You will also have the option to revise previous entries and resubmit them with entry 8. You are required to resubmit all of them together in a single PDF on Camino during finals week. 2 MGMT 3502 Learning Journal “Sandy” Kristin Piderit Spring 2014 Sample Entry 1, Monday 3/21/14: My Role in the Class Learning Community I am the professor for two sections of MGMT 3502 this quarter, and so my primary responsibility as a professor is to create an engaging learning environment for the students in each section. In this sense, I am the leader of an organization with the potential for greatness. Individual students choose to join this organization, and I guide their work as individuals and as
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