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Dear Editor
My name is John Foulcher, renowned Australian poet. I have recently been surfing the World Wide Web and by accident I come up with your site, “Online Anthology of Australian Poets”. The subject matter of poetry attracted me to wonder around your website.

I believe my poetry should be included in your collection for I have lived and breathed Australian culture for just over 50 years now, I have recorded my way of life in my poems, and in particular I have a specific poem to refer to you, that is of my own and two others (also of my own work) that I think are you should seriously consider having in your collection.

The first poem I think you should consider in adding to your list of poems is “For the Fire”, this poem was
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There is alliteration in the stanzas of 3 and 6 “blade beak” and claws clutching”. This poem also has a rhythm to it; the stanzas are not constructed in that unbalanced way in which it’s hard to keep flowing feel to the literature.

The second poem is “Bradman’s last Innings”; it is a little momentum to the great Sir Donald Bradman and his effect on Australian life. It is about how Bradman was more than just a cricket great, but also a light in people’s lives, that relieved the pain of war and anguish. He symbolised the gentleman in us all, the fair player, and the great Australian icon.
The structure is simple, 4 sets of three lined stanzas. The introduction sums up the feeling of what many felt when he was bowled out first ball, “bowled out for a duck, you could have asked for better”, alliteration is also used in this literature eg “war, women waiting”. I’ve used descriptive words to paint pictures in the head to create a mental image of what I saw that day eg “clear white flannels sharp against the green turf”. The whole poem has that flowing feel to it also just like the first poem mentioned.

The third poem is “martin and the hand grenade”, it recounts an event when a little boy brought an unarmed grenade to school to show to his equals, and the effect of the grenade on the minds of the infants. The subject matter of war straight away creates the mood to the poem, the descriptive words such as firing, bleak, power, hurls and so on, play an important part
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