##morphosis In The Metamorphosis From Franz Kafka

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Family Dynamics
Pam (Lawson) Beaver
Belhaven University

Family Dynamics The Metamorphosis from Franz Kafka represents the selfish views of family. Kafka transforms Gregory, the son, into a dung beetle to show how members of the family evolve and adjust due to life-changing events. Traditionally when families overcome hardships, they form a stronger bond. In this story Kafka takes the family on a journey of everyday life being wonderful one day and waking up the next day to a world full of strife. Kafka’s view as portrayed in The Metamorphosis is that family when faced with difficult change can be selfish individuals. The first selfish view is the parents and the expectation of Gregory to provide. After Gregory realizes what has happened to him, he tries to get out of bed; his mother comes to his door reminding him that he has to be at work. This alarmed others in the home so his father comes to check on him, then his sister, she whispered ‘“Gregory, open the door, please”’ (Kafka, 2006, p.1968). In the beginning of the story Gregory’s sister is concerned for his well-being. She relies on him for her everyday needs. Kafka is clear in portraying the mother as bossy and distant, Gregory’s father as overbearing, depressed, and dependent on him financially. There main concern is getting him out the door and to work so that he can make a pay check and they can maintain the lifestyle that they lead. The second selfish view is how Gregory became a burden to

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