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Chetan Bhagat is one of the celebrity among youths as well as most of the reading community. Almost all of his books are blockbuster besides this; he is a motivational speaker and columnist. He is seen as youth icon than a writer. His other outstanding works are Five point someone :what not to do at IIT(2004), one night @ the call center(2005), the 3 mistakes of my life(2008),2 states: the story of my marriage(2009),revolution2020:love,corruption,ambition(2011) and what young India wants (2012) is his first non-fiction book. Mostly all of his books deal with the common problems faced by the society .He pinpoints the mistake committed by the society and he also suggests the solution for the problems which are residing in the society. …show more content…

We can see how Indian brothers are .If there is any problem to their sisters they will do anything for them. This also shows the closeness of their relationship but in and around the world brothers it won’t be like our Indian brothers. Ishaan had a row with a boy who uses to disturb Vidya (Ishaan’s sister).This reveals Ishaan’s brave and daring nature. Now a day’s the major problem prevailing among youth is no good relationship between youth and their parents. This is not now a day’s problem, it is in the world for many years but its rate is in up phase. May be this is due to age difference but parents have to know their children’s interest and try to help them to improve in their desired field. In Ishaan’s view parents made their children as depressed adults, and not a happy one. Ishaan also have the same problem. His interest is on cricket but his father wants him to be in Indian army. Ishaan follows ‘take it easy policy’. He never ever cares for his father’s tongue-lashing. Patel is something different or we can call him out of the world. He sacrifices everything for his ambition. If he wants to do a thing he thinks over if it is useful to him to achieve his goal, even for small things he thinks over. In simple, he is calculative. In some places the writer uses Govind as his mouth-piece to show his ideas like gossip (which is not so important),

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