secrets of body language

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SECRETS OF BODY LANGUAGE A walk to convey power. A greeting that gets the upper hand. A gesture that can hide a lie. Body language can betray us. When a president 's under pressure. Or celebrities in the media glare. Look beyond the words. Their body language says it all. It 's a sudden poise. Self-touch gesture. Hot spots. Microexpressions. In this special, experts will dissect the body, the face, and the voice to reveal its hidden meanings, its secrets. This is a world where what we say is all important. They said this day would never come. We hang on every word. Tomorrow, we begin again. Thank you. But are we getting all the message? Older, darker, psychopaths, serial killers ' handwriting-Research has shown that just 7% of human …show more content…

The body language then revealed just why that was. Almost a physical fight. Many viewed this apparently light-hearted tussle as a sign that Arafat and Barak were getting on well. Think again. There is a great meaning behind who goes through the door first. Here in the West, letting someone through the door first doesn 't really matter; it 's polite, maybe. But in the Middle East, it has a significant cultural impact. The host, the power person, says: "I 'm in control, I 'll help you through the door. I 'll show you the way." Throw in the fear and tension present in most Middle East negotiations and suddenly, the desire of both Arafat and Barak not to go through that door before the other starts to make sense. This is a classic example, in an extreme way, of how the last man through the door is the winner. Barak reaches for Yasser Arafat. Arafat grabs his arm, moves around and starts waggling his finger at Barak who then uses it as opportunity to move around to actually be behind. Then grabs Arafat, holds him by the arm and shoves him through the door. You 've got fear and power struggle showing in big bold body language movements. Arafat and Barak are not the only ones to appreciate the significance of "the last man through the door move." Even when friends and allies meet, subtle cues reveal who 's talked of. 2003. British Prime Minister Tony Blair plays host to President Bush. In this particular example we 're looking at, 10 Downing Street, and one would expect Tony

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