should capital punishment be banned?

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Capital punishment is the death penalty given by the government of a country, to people who have committed hideous crimes like homicide, rape and so on. Death penalty has been a way of punishing people since ages. Although there are some countries that have abolished death penalty from their law, there are still many which still practise the act of killing a person for crime. Death penalty is prevalent in the US, Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Some of the ways of executing criminals are hanging, shooting, electrocution and giving lethal injections. People have different opinions on the issue of death penalty given to a convict. While some think that death penalty is necessary for those who have committed a terrible crime, there are …show more content…

Hence, it is best to avoid executing a person. For instance, the controversial Timothy Evans case is regarded as a major miscarriage of justice, which eventually led to the abolition of capital punishment in the UK in 1965.

Moreover, capital punishment is not always just and appropriate. Usually, it has been seen that poor people have to succumb to death penalty as they cannot afford good lawyers to defend their stance. There are very rare cases of rich people being pronounced a death penalty. Also, an individual from minority communities are more likely to be given death penalty.

Finally, it is reported that there is no relation between death penalty and crime rate, that is, giving death penalty does not decrease crime rate in the society. Crimes are prevalent in countries where death penalty exists and where it has been abolished. Therefore, the deterring factor associated to capital punishment is heavily questioned by opponents, who claim that life imprisonment is much better, where the criminals could be made to muse over their crimes for the rest of their lives, instead of having quick relief from being executed.

Based on the above discussion, the question whether death penalty is a moral or an immoral act in a cultured society, does not have a definite answer. Whether to give death penalty to a criminal or not, may depend on his earlier criminal records and the seriousness of the crime he has committed. Hence,

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