Spanish 101 Research Paper

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Consequences—the result that almost always follows the actions committed by someone and in one such an incident as failing a course the consequences could set off a ripple of smaller reactions that could be detrimental to the person’s student career. Failing a course is never easy. In a high school course, it was easier to fail because the pressure of paying for those courses was not present, but that is not the case in a college course. For an example at Greenville Technical College a course such as Spanish 101 carries more weight than most courses—as Spanish gives four credits if the person passes the class. When a person is on the verge of failing a course, if they catch the failing grade fast enough, there are many things they can change to reach success in the course. The things they make different may have been their downfall to begin with. They could have never studied. While it is great to take good notes in class, what good are the notes if they are never practically used? Another part of studying is to look at the textbook outside of a classroom setting, and in college the student must buy the books don’t let them go to waste. To study properly …show more content…

Normally when a student takes Spanish 101 they are not a native speaker of the language. Their native language being too different from Spanish can cause them to not catch on to the material as fast as the professor would like. If the professor feels that everyone should be on the same track with the words they may move on and give too many words for the failing student to learn. For example, a newcomer to the Spanish language will see that every word is either masculine or feminine and in some languages that may be a strange concept to grasp. That important part of the Spanish language not being understood will the student far back behind the other students in later

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