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In 1971, three young entrepreneurs began the Starbucks Corporation in Seattle Washington. Their key goal was to sell whole coffee beans. Soon after, Starbucks began experiencing huge growth, opening five stores all of which had roasting facilities, sold coffee beans and room for local restaurants. In 1987, Howard Schultz bought Starbucks from its original owners for $4 million after expanding Starbucks by opening three coffee bars.
From the original strategic vision of offering a welcoming experience for customers, being part of their community, and becoming a warm “third place” that is part of their lives everyday and that it can provide a superior cup of coffee, Howard Schultz –Starbucks’s CEO had evolved
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Engage and inspire Starbucks partners.
Ignite the emotional attachment with our customers.
Expand our global presence—while making each store the heart of the localneighborhood.
Be a leader in ethical sourcing andenvironmental impact.
Create innovative growthplatforms worthy of our coffee.
Deliver a sustainable economicmodel
Be the undisputed coffee authority.
It is very clear that Schultz’s vision has changed two times and the latter was different from the one before. The difference comes from the change in the position of Starbucks in market place and its future direction. The current strategy for Starbucks no longer concerns adding simply a new service within their stores but revolves around increasing their sustainability, increasing corporate responsibility, being the undisputed coffee leader in the worldwide marketplace, expanding their global presence, and creating innovative growth platforms.
All business that is not willing to grow with their customers will eventually fail. And Starbucks clearly understands their strategic vision has to evolve with their customer’s overtime. Coming up with a new vision means that Schultz hadreached the previous and decided the new challenges to conquer. Therefore, each changed vision provided the solid background for the next that contributed to the reputation, the expansion and success of Starbucks. His strategic vision for Starbucks in 2011-2012 is not likely to
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