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UNIT OF STUDY GUIDE VICTORIA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT UNIT YEAR 2013 SEMESTER Two UNIT TITLE Professional Development 1 – Critical Thinking and Problem Solving UNIT CODE BFP1100 PRE-REQUISITES CREDIT POINTS 12 points MODE OF DELIVERY On-campus UNIT COORDINATORS NAME Raquel Licciardi EMAIL NAME Andrew Stein EMAIL SUNWAY LECTURERS: NAME Soon Pei Shan EMAIL TEL 03-74918622 ext 3660 NAME Joanna Claire Miranda EMAIL TEL 03-74918622 ext 3606 NAME Teh Ya Yee EMAIL TEL 03-74918622 ext 3206…show more content…
Assessment tasks; 1 2 a, b 3 a, b, 4 4. Work both autonomously and collaboratively 3 Work individually, and/or with others, as both a team member and group leader, to complete tasks and evaluate own and others’ performance using given parameters. Assessment tasks; 3 a, b 2 a, b 5. Work in an environmentally, socially and culturally responsible manner 3 Demonstrate awareness of environmental, social and cultural perspectives that impact on work, community and learning contexts. Assessment tasks: 3 a, b 4 6. Manage learning and career development opportunities 3 Demonstrate a capacity to link own learning to career goals. Assessment tasks: 1 GRADE SETS There are five grade sets, namely fail (N: 0-49%), pass (P: 50-59%), credit (C: 60-69%), distinction (D: 70-79%), and high distinction (HD: 80-100%). ASSESSMENT The assessment scheme has 4 components as listed below: Assessment Weight Learning Outcome0 Format1 LiWC Graduate Capabilities3 Due Date 1. Reflective Writing 10% Identify personal skills, interests and motivations Reflective Writing Communicate in a variety of contexts and modes Manage learning and career development opportunities Weeks 3 & 12 2. Problem Working 20% Identify aspects of social and cultural diversity Contextualise information and problem definition Understand
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