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Leadership Models:

From Weber to
Burns to Bass

Max Weber Model of Transactional and
Transformational Leaders
James MacGregor Burns Model of Transactional and
Transformational Leaders
Bernard M. Bass Model of Transactional and
Transformational Leaders
Bennis & Nanus Transformational Leaders
Schein Culture Change as Transformation

Introduction: From Weber to
Burns to Bass





Max Weber 's Model of
Transactional and

Max Weber
Asks how a leader can "legitimately" give a command and have actions carried out?
Classified claims to the "legitimacy" in the exercise of …show more content…

ions of obedience on the basis of personal loyalty
(kinship, or dependents)
Exercise of authority is only limited by resistance; or, but pointing to a failure to act according to the traditions Examples
Ruling families,
Feudal kingdoms in China, Egypt and Africa,
Family business,
Roman and other nobilities,
Clans and,
Armies of the colonies

The following Bureaucratic facets are ABSENT

Clearly defined sphere of competence subject to impersonal rules
Rational ordering of relations of superiority and inferiority
A regular system of appointment and promotion on the basis of free contract
Technical training as a regular requirement

Charismatic Grounds
(the Hero)
Rest on devotion to the specific and exceptional sanctity, heroism or exemplary character of an individual person, and
Of the normative patterns or order revealed or ordained Highlights
Obeyed by virtue of personal trust, heroism or exemplary qualities
Charisma regarded as of divine origin, the person is treated as a leader
Hero worship
Set apart from ordinary people and endowed with supernatural and superhuman powers and abilities Charismatic leaders choose members not for technical training, but on the basis of social privilege and the charismatic qualities of disciples People are not promoted only called or summoned on the basis of their charismatic qualification
No established administrative organs, no system of formal rules, no

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