the impact of ACA in North Carolina

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The Impact of Affordable Care Act on North Carolina’s Uninsured Population
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) which was passed by Congress was implemented to improve the quality of health care and reduce the cost of health insurance in the United State. America spends more on health care than any other industrialized nation in the world. In North Carolina, the governor signed a bill to block the state from extending the ACA which will allow Medicaid to cover group of individuals that are uninsured. North Carolina rank 33rd of the 50 states in population measures in 2012 and rank 38th in health outcome (Siberman, 2013). In 2010-2011 approximately 1.7 million people were uninsured and had barriers to access health care in North Carolina as
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This is going to lead back to some providers and higher income individuals will pay more taxes to cover the uninsured. Expanded Medicaid coverage also led to decreased rates of delayed care and decreased mortality rates especially among residents of poorer counties (Baron, 2013).
North Carolina does not have enough health practitioners to meet the demand of newly enroll population. Workforce shortage limits access to care as well as prevention, and treatment option especially in the rural areas (Siberman, 2013). There should be professional training programs for primary care providers, nurse practitioners, nurses, physician assistants and health care to accommodate the demand or people are going to end up in the emergency room. If the Medicaid expansion has been implemented, ACA has funds that would have been distributed to all the Universities for the Training Programs.
According to Sebelius, (2013) article, Affordable Care Act Incudes steps to improve the quality of health care and lower cost for you and the nation as a whole. This means avoiding costly mistakes and readmissions, keeping patients’ healthy, rewarding quality instead quantity, and creating the health information technology infrastructure that enables new payment of models to work. North Carolina foundation for Advance Health Programs is a model to create and maintain a centralized tracking system to monitor and disseminate new model of payments and delivery of reimbursements. This
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