Essay about the men admiring themselves on the water

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I have really been fascinated when I read William B. Yeats’ poem named “The Old Men Admiring Themselves In The water” which seems too short but includes more than what it looks in terms of meaning. Here, I tried to analyze his great but seeming little poem in terms of the physical characteristics of the poem,literary devices used in poem , emotions I have been felt by these literary devices,meaning of the poem and finally Why I chose this poem to analyze . Firstly ,I analyzed the rhyme scheme of poem as a only stanza and I found it one of the most unfamiliar rhyme scheme I have ever seen.The rhyme scheme is abaccbac which dissimilar to other works we studied on up to now.The meter is also different from what we have seen. While the …show more content…

In addition to literary devices and the physical characteristics of the poem ,I think the literary devices used in the poem affected my reading a lot as reading such a short and meaningfull poem without emotions would be nonsense and literary devices are providing the meaning in the poem.Without understanding what water ,beautifull,being old mean ,it would be like a reading of brochures handed out outside everyday .Anyway, literary devices made me eager to read.To clarify what I mean ,at least the usage of simile of knees and old threes made me ask this question “What kind of words did he use for such a situation ?”.The similes helped me to understand What poet means and leaded me to imagine scene which we are to see. As a response of What poem means, I think the poet tried and succeded to tell readers( at least me) that youth is good but we all alter and drop one by one by time and there is no cure for it .The poet might have written this poem in his old age as he reminds us how beautiful is the youth or life but it does not last forever by his poem.The poem also melancholic tone which may feel us the sadness the poet felt .The word “old” is used four times to emphasize

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