Literature Review And Hypothesis Development

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2. Literature Review and hypothesis development The topic of valuation of early-stage companies, patents, and technologies have been a topic of study since the late 1980’s. Since the work published by Amit et al (1990) a body of management science literature was published around the value relevance of non-financial information that quantifies the human capital of the founding team. Amit et al posit that In Initial Human and Financial Capital as Predictors of New Venture Performance, Cooper et al (1994), reviewed a sample of 2994 entrepreneurs across various sectors, high-tech and non-high-tech, to determine whether an entrepreneur’s upbringing, experiences and education had a statistically significant relationship with the probability of success. Zacharakis and Meyer’s research (1998) into the investment decision-making processes of VC investors is particularly pertinent to whether VC investments can be systematically improved and whether there are any gaps between understanding of their procedures and what happens in reality. Zacharakis, via studying 53 VCs from the two main start-up hubs in the United States (Silicon Valley and Colorado Front Range), establishes that there is a gap between the factors that affect VCs’ decision-making in reality and the factors that VCs identify as pertinent to their decision-making. Several findings from paper directly parlays to the value and applicability of my study. First, when VCs are faced with a case where there is a dearth

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