Write a program called StudentTable that prints the below table. Use only print() or
printf(). DO NOT use println(). 

1) Use \\ to print a single \
2) Use \n to go to next line
3) Use left justify %– each for Name, Lab, Bonus, Total
4) Use width size of 10 (%10) each for Name, Lab, Bonus, Total
5) Use %s for String (Joe, William, Mary Sue), %c for char (C, B, G), %d for int (7, 8,
10), %f for double (50.5, 58.2, 49.9)
Use the blueprint below to help you display the table.

20 places
20 places
William B
Mary Sue G
10 places
10 places
10 places
10 places

Image Transcription

20 places 20 places Name Lab Bonus Total Joe William B Mary Sue G 50.5 58.2 49.9 10 10 places 10 places 10 places 10 places

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