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23. What is the pH of a 1.5 x 10-10 HBr solution?

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23. What is the pH of a 1.5 x 10-10 HBr solution?


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The given HBr solution is very dilute. The concentration of H+ ions produced from the dissociation of water is 10 -7 M.

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HBr is a a strong acid, it undergoes almost complete dissociation in its aqueous solutions. 

Thus, the concentration of H+ ions produced from  the given concentration of HBr = 1.5 10 -10 M , which is even less than the H+ ions produced from the dissociation of water. Thus, the given HBr solution is very dilute.

Step 3

In such case, the total concentration of H+ ions -i.e. both from the dissociation of HBr and from the dissociation of wate...


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