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Q: Calculate the number of photons of light with a wavelength of 3000 pm that provide 2 J of energy.

A: It is required to calculate the total number of photons having a total energy of 2 J. Energy of one ...


Q: How do you set up conversion factors?

A: Conversion factors are a ratio expressed as fraction which are used to convert one unit into another...


Q: Bismuth has a density of 9.808 g/cm3 at 25 degrees Celsius. Calculate the number of atoms of Bismuth...

A: To calculate number of atoms, we first need to calculate number of moles as follows,


Q: 'there are any Determine the formal chargs of each atom. utduies 22. Draw the Lewis structure of ozo...

A: The molecular formula of ozone is shown in board. Lewis structures are the diagrams that show the bo...


Q: A student has a purple dye mixture on which she performs a TLC experiment with a silica gel plate an...

A: TLC experiment is performed on the mixture of purple dye with the help of silica gel plate and aceto...


Q: What are the effects of impurities on the boiling and melting points of a compound?

A: The temperature in which a substance undergoes a phase change from solid to liquid that is substance...


Q: Draw both resonance structures of the most stable carbocation intermediate in the reaction shown. +H...

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Q: how many miles are in 5.000 kilometers? (you must use the conversion 2.54cm/1inch)

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Q: how fast is 50.00 mph in m/s? you mustuse the conversion 2.54cm/1inch

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Q: the density of osmium is 22.6 g/cm3. what is the density in kg/m3?

A: Density is defined as the ratio of mass to the volume. The mathematical expression is given below:An...


Q: How many gold atoms are in 1.000 ounces of gold?(1.000 ounce = 28.35g ;there are 197.0g Au in 1 mole...

A: The formula which is used to determined number of atoms is shown below:Avogadro's number is defined ...


Q: Draw both resonance structures of the most stable carbocation intermediate in the reaction shown +HB...

A: The cation that acts as a intermediate in the reaction is known as carbocation. In carbocation, carb...


Q: он COOH NH2 Neutral Slightly acidic Acidic Basic Dissolve all four compounds in organic solvent (eth...

A: Separation is the technique in which organic compounds are separated in the form of salt by using an...


Q: lgs everything else). e system (the part you are studyml (reaut nsi ost systems we are interested in...

A: A reaction which occurs when the temperature of the system increases due to release of heat is known...


Q: What does the K value tell you about reactions and how do you know if the reactants are more stable ...

A: The K value of a reaction signifies the rate constant.Rate constant is the specific rate of a reacti...

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