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23.23   A uniform electric field has magnitude E and is directed in the negative x-direction. The potential difference between point a (at x = 0.60 m) and point b (at x = 0.90 m) is 240 V.  (a) Which point, a or b, is at the higher potential?  (b) Calculate the value of E.  (c) A negative point charge q = −0.200 µC is moved from b to a.  Calculate the work done on the point charge by the electric field.


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Step 1


the electric field direction is from positive charge to neagtive charge or from the higher potential to the lower potential. thus, as the point move towards the terminating direction of the electirc field or away from the origin, the potential decreases. therefore, the point (a) is the lower potential point and (b) is the higher potential point.

Step 2

b) the expression to calculate the elctric field is 


Image Transcriptionclose

V E =

Step 3

substitue the given quantities in the above equ...


Image Transcriptionclose

240 V E = 0.90m 0.60m = 800 V/m


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