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Atomic Physics
Atomic physics is the branch of physics that deals with structure of the atom and its constituent parts namely, electrons, protons, and neutrons.
Classical mechanics
Classic mechanics is branch of physics that focuses on the motion of an object when subjected to external forces. The object will be in equilibrium when the external forces are balanced.
Electric current
Electric current is the flow of electric charges through a conductor.
The interaction between an electric field and a magnetic field.
Fluid Mechanics
Fluid mechanics covers the behavior of fluids (liqids and gases) when subjected to external forces.
Force, Motion and Energy
The applied force can change the state of motion of a object and its total energy. Force, motion and energy studies these interactions.
The study of objects in motion.
Light and Optics
The branch of physics that studies light and its properties.
Measurement of Physical Quantity
Measurement of any measurable physical quantity such as, length, mass, and time.
Nuclear physics
The branch of physics that studies nuclear interaction between subatomic particles.
Properties of solids
Solids have mass, volume, and density. These are correlated, and knowing any two can lead to the third.
Quantum Mechanics
The branch of physics that deals with behavior of particles at a subatomic level.
Relativity is a phenomena related to the motion of objects at very high speed, close to the speed of light.
Rotational Motion
Motion of objects in a circle.
Thermal Physics
The branch of physics that studies heat as energy and its applications.
Wave motion
Wave motion is the propagation of waves in a medium.
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