2sinx+square root 2=0

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Q: See attachment

A: Given,

Q: photo attached

A: If tanA= -√3 then.what is tan2A

Q: A function value and a quadrant are given. Find the other five function values. Give exact answers, ...

A: It is given that, cot theta = –4.Compute the other five functional values as follows.

Q: What is the length of an arc cut off by an angle of 3 radians on a circle of radius 8 inches?

A: We first find the circumference of the circle.Circumference= 16 pi inches.

Q: Use the cofunction identities to find an angle θ that makes the statement true.sec (6θ + 17°) = csc ...

A: The given trigonometric equation is

Q: see attached

A: To find the all solutions of the below equation which are in the interval range [0, 2π).

Q: How do you perform the subtraction?

A: The given expression is

Q: The following graph shows at least one complete cycle of the graph of an equation containing a trigo...

A: Given graph resembles a cosine from π to 3π/4 with amplitude 5.

Q: Use a calculator to find a decimal approximation for the following trigonometric function. sin (-295...

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Q: Identify the period. Do not sketch the graph y = sin -х 10

A: To determine the period of the function.

Q: An observer is located at the Origin of a coordinate system. Find the bearing of an object located a...

A: An observer at the origin of a coordinate system and the other point is

Q: see attachment

A: Find the exact value

Q: Find the exact value of the trigonometric function given that sin u = -24/25 and cos v = -8/17 with ...

A: Given:

Q: verie The ldentit 1-Sine Cose ८० ५० 2sece 1-21ne

A: Firstly, wesimplify left hand side of equation by adding two fractions.

Q: Find all values of 0, if e is in the interval [0°, 360°) and has the given function value. csc 0 2 (...

A: Given Equation is

Q: 1 - cos2 x/sin x

A: To simplify the expression.

Q: F(x)=-4cosx g(x)=2cosx+3  for 0<x<2pi   Shade the region on a graph bounded by the graphs of f...

A: Given functions are

Q: I am not sure how to work through this problem to get the correct answer.

A: Given fraction is,

Q: Number 7  sin theda = -sqrt 3 over 2

A: To find the solutions of the given trigonometric equation in the prescribed format

Q: Explain to a friend how the Distributive Property is used to justify the fact that 2x+3x=5x

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Q: Solve the given equation.  cos(2θ) = cos2(θ) − 1/2

A: Use the double angle formula as follows.

Q: see attachment

A: Given, 

Q: Perform the calculation  90 degree -79degree 53'

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Q: see attached

A: We know that,

Q: Find sin θ if cot θ = - 2 and cos θ < 0.

A: To determine the value of sin(θ).

Q: A point is rotating with uniform circular motion on a circle of radius r. Find v if r 3 inches and w...

A: Given radius and ω are 3 inches and 5 rad/sec, respectively.

Q: Consider the regular pentagon ABCDE with sides of length 1 and three diagonals as shown. Let the dia...

A: Given that, a regular pentagon whose side is 1.Triangle ABF & triangle ECD are similar triangle....

Q: see attached

A: Consider the given figure.

Q: f(x)=−0.5⋅x^4+3x^2 what are the interverls for concavity

A: Given:

Q: Number 29

A: Click to see the answer

Q: A) How does 1/2[(1-cosx)/(sinx)+(sinx)/(1-cosx)] equal on of these: secx, cosx, sinx, tanx, cotx, co...

A: Since you have submitted two questions, we'll answer the first question. For the second question ple...

Q: How do you graph sin(x) with a horizontal or vertical stretch, such as 2sin(4(pi/2))?

A: To draw the graph of transforms of y= sin(x)

Q: Perform the transformation.Write sec x in terms of tan x.

A: Consider the identity

Q: 3.4.43 Question Help The tires of a bicycle have radius 11.0 in. and are turning at the rate of 225 ...

A: To determine the speed of the bicycle in mph.

Q: The length of the base of an isosceles triangle is 38.15 inches. Each base angle is 24.94. Find the ...

A: Let ABC be the isosceles triangle with base BC and equal sides AB and AC. Then BC=38.15 inches and a...

Q: The question asks for the exact value of the trigonmetric function at the given real number:   csc(5...

A: To find out the exact value of the trigonometric function at the given real numbergiven trigonometri...

Q: photo attached

A: Using Pythagorean identity : sin^2 theta + cos^2 theta = 1So cos^2 theta = 1-sin^2 thetaAnswer: firs...

Q: Question Help The function graphed to the right is of the form y = a sin bx or y = a cos bx, where b...

A: Given a graph of form y = a sin(bx) or y = cos(bx), where b > 0,

Q: see attachment

A: Given, 

Q: photo attached

A: Given,

Q: see attached

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