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Because g varies so little over the extent of most structures, any structure's center of gravity effectively coincides with its center of mass. Here is a fictitious example where g varies more significantly. The figure shows an array of six particles, each with mass m, fixed to the edge of a rigid structure of negligible mass. The distance between adjacent particles along the edge is 2.30 m. Following are the values of g at each particle's location:
Particle 1: g = 8.00 m/s2
Particle 2: g = 7.82 m/s2
Particle 3: g = 7.60 m/s2
Particle 4: g = 7.41 m/s2
Particle 5: g = 7.60 m/s2
Particle 6: g = 7.82 m/s2
Using the coordinate system shown,  find the y coordinate ycog of the center of gravity of the six-particle system.


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3 4 2 5 1 6


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The Y coordinate Ycog of the centre of gravity o...


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Centre of Mass and Centre of Gravity

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