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3. Four blocks, with masses m1 = 5.20 kg, m2 = 4.20 kg, m3 = 7.80 kg, and m4 = 7.30 kg, are pulled on a horizontal frictionless surface by a 35.0 N force that makes a 39 o angle (θ) with the horizontal (see figure). What is the magnitude of the tension between the m3 and m4 blocks?


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Step 1

Given:         mass of block 1,   m1 = 5.20kg

                                                              m2  = 4.20kg

                                                              m3 = 7.80kg

                                                              m4 = 7.30kg

                                        Force,            F = 35N

                                                        angle = 39o

Find:                    Magnitude of the tension between m3 and m4 block?

Step 2

Consider the figure as shown below:

All blocks are connected at frictionless surface, thus the acceleration of all block is same. so, let all 4 masses are moving with acceleration "a".


Step 3

Equation of motion for m1, m2, m3 and m4 are (1), (2), (3) and (...


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