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Q: how do i find the maximum and minnimun?  f(x)=(x-4)^2-9    that is (x-4) squared.

A: Given:

Q: The height h, in feet, of a ball above the ground t seconds after being thrown upward with a velocit...

A: If the ball be 34 ft above the ground then h=34We plug h=34 and solve for t.

Q: Josh wants to figure out how far he can run in 30 minutes or less. He averages 8 minutes to run a mi...

A: Given that Josh can run in 30 minutes or less. He averages 8 minutes to run a mile.

Q: To promote the sale of tickets for a cruise to Alaska, a travel agency reduces the regular ticket pr...

A: For one person ticket price reduce by $5So for p persons ticket price will reduce by $5 times p = $5...

Q: This problem uses the Richter scale for the strength of an earthquake. The strength, W, of the seism...

A: We are given that M=log (W/W0) and in 2013 the Khash earthquake in Iran had a Richter scale rating o...

Q: Solve the system by substitution  {-3x+4y=5 {4x-8y=-4

A: From -3x+4y=5 we solve for y. 

Q: ASK YOUR Teacher A report tells us that in 2009, there were 870 gray wolves in Idaho, but that the p...

A: Initial amount = 870 wolves. Every year it decreases by 19%. So decay rate is (100-19)=81% = 0.81Aft...

Q: 28x2+17x+3=6

A: Solve the equation as follows.

Q: use long division to determine whether the binomial is a factor of f(x). f(x)=2x3-13x2-38x+112;  x+2

A: Firat try to get rid of 2x^3.