Mathematics For Machine Technology - 8th Edition - by Peterson,  John. - ISBN 9781337798310
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Mathematics For Machine Technology
8th Edition
Peterson, John.
Publisher: Cengage Learning,
ISBN: 9781337798310

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Given: The expression is: 0.42538 Calculation: The digit following the second decimal place is 5. If...Given: The expression is 5316+456 Calculation: Convert the mixed fraction into lowest form thus,...Given information: An expression is given as 7516−278. Calculation: We have been given an expression...Given information: A number is given as (4+2.3)3. Calculation: We have been given a number as...Given information: A sphere is given whose volume is 12.249 cubic inch. Calculation: As we know that...Given information: A fractional equation is given as 38=?32. Calculation: We have been given a...Given: The given fractional number is 2164. Concept used: The decimal equivalent of the given...Given information: A proportion is given as 3R=119. Calculation: We have been given a proportion...Given information: A sheet if steel 280 centimeter long weighs 165 kilograms. A 92.4 centimeter long...Given information: A value is given as 5.037. Calculation: We have been given a number as 5.037. As...Given information: Rate is given as 7.25% and base is 43.80. Calculation: As we know the proportion...Given information: A ratio is given as 15:32. Calculation: We have been given a ratio as 15:32....Given information: A drill and impact driver kit is listed for $139.95 and the buyer has a coupon...Given Information: Given, a unit in one system, 198 inches Calculation: To express a unit in one...Given Information: Given, 42792.6 millimeters Calculation: To express a unit in one system as an...Given information: The number to calculate the degree of precision is 14.304 mm. Draw the diagram to...Given information: A shaft has a diameter of 0.4503" ±0.0006" Calculation: Basic shaft diameter is...Given: The line is given below: Concept used: Length is measured with the help of inch scale....Given information: Calculation: To obtain the main scale reading: Look at the image, 2.6 inch is to...Given: The given setting is, Calculation: Given: Read the main scale reading to the left of the zero...Given: A type of ball point pen is shown below: Concept used: Use the digital caliper to measure the...Given information: The micrometer scale reading is 0.001 in, the barrel reading is 0.175 in and the...Given: Measurement shown in below figure: Calculation: Measurement from above figure micrometer...Digital micrometers can be used to measure the linear dimensions such as length, diameter and...Given: Length is 81 in. Concept used: Divide the length by twelve to convert inch to feet....Given: Dimension is 3.7642 in. Calculation: From above table: The combination of the blocks are...Given: Calculation: Now, we put the given values in this equationGiven expression: −16−(8.4−5.2) Calculation: We need to subtract the given number,...Given terms: (9x2y + xy − 5xy2),(−3 x2y − 4xy + 5xy2) , (7 x2y + 3xy) Calculation: Now, We need to...Given: The term is (2x2−5y3)2. Calculation: The algebraic expression is calculated as follows: =(2 x...Given: A number divided by 7 plus twice the number equals 75. Let 'x' be the unknown number then the...Given information: The given equation is A−34=−218. Calculation: We have been given equation as...Given information: Given expression, x3=15 Calculation: We know that a common fraction is a fraction...Given information: The given equation is 34E+(18−E)=214E+12. Calculation: We have been given the...Given information: D = 0.750 inchN = 350C = 3.1416 DN12 Calculation: According to the formula given,...Given problem: The sum of x and y reduced by c Calculation: We need to write the algebraic...Given problem: given : N = 45P = 8 Calculation: We need to calculate the pitch diameter, Pitch...Calculation: In the angle 159.3596o, the whole number 159 is the angle in degrees. The remaining...The two angles complementing each other are called complementary angles. The sum of the two...Given: The following figure is given The angles ∠1 and ∠3 are opposite angles. The opposite angles...Given information: The two angles of a triangle are given. ∠2=109o ∠3=470 Calculation: According to...Given: The following figure is given. If one of the angles of any triangle is denoted by a...Given information: The inside circumference of the pipe = 82.50 mm Outside diameter of the pipe D =...Given: ∠A=30° BD⌢= 58°26′ Concept used: An angle formed at a point outside the circle by two...The sum of the angles is 37°18′+86°23′=123°41′ Conclusion: The sum of angles is 123°41′.Steps of construction: Taking A as a centre and radius more than half of AB, draw arcs on both the...Given: l1=0.418 in. b1=3 in. l2=15 in. b2=0.524 in. b3=0.416 in. h=3 in. The shaded diagram is...Given: Rectangle with the dimensions is shown below: Concept used: Expression for the difference of...Given information: Length of shaft is 18.64 cm. Radius of the shaft is 1.75 cm. Calculation: The...Given: Length l= 2 ft 4 in. Breadth b= 1 ft 6 in. Thickness t= 58 in. Diameter of hole d=1 12 in....Given information: Radius of the sector (r)=32.5 inArc length of the sector (l)=26.4 in...Given information: Area of any shape is given as 356.4 square inches. Calculation: In the...Given information: Weight of steel: w=0.264 lb/cubic inch The shaft shown in the figure:...Given information: tanA=4.13792 Calculation: From the given value of tangent function tanA=4.13792,...Given information: Cos 35°18′ Calculation: First convert the angle in decimal form....Given information: The triangle shown with the problem. Calculations: From the triangle shown-...Given Information: Concept used: tanθ=opposite sideadjacent side ∠x=2θtanθ=opposite sideadjacent...Given Information: Concept used: tanθ=opposite sideadjacent side Let a be the projection of the...Given: A ray of angle 220°10′. Construction: Take a Cartesian plane and draw a ray of angle 251°25′...Given information: The given figure is Calculation: In the given triangle, the angle B is the...Given information: The given figure is Calculation: Intriangle ABC, the length of side AB can be...Given information: The dimensions of rectangular solid block are AC=31.50 mmCD=24.75 mmBD=72.25 mm...Given information: We are given the following figure- Calculation: After observing the figure...Given information: ∠A=40∘38' and ∠B=47∘21'. Calculation: Applying the formula of ∠R and ∠T....Given information: A diagram with top view, front view and size view has given. Calculation:...Given information: The top, front and right side views of a part are shown in the following figure-...Given: Three view of compound-angular hole are shown below: Concept used: Expression for the angle...Given: Three views of angular portion of tool are shown below: Concept used: Construct a rectangular...Given: The given coordinates are A (-5, -5), B (2, -3), C (9, -1), D (7,6), E (0,4) andF (-7,2)....Given: The holes are shown below: Calculation: Coordinates of the holes byincremental positioningcan...Given: All the points are shown below: Calculation: Polar coordinates of the points can calculated...Given information: A binary number 110100.012. Calculation: The decimal number for integer value is...Given information: A hexadecimal numbers B70905.F816. Calculation: Binary number system uses the...Given information: A decimal numbers 143.810. Calculation: 2421 code is also called Aiken code. It...Given: The point is (6,−8). Calculation: The ordered pair (6,−8) represents a point which is 6 units...

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