4. Assuming the limit exists, explain what ∞0 means and explain why an ∞0 limit could be anything between 1 and ∞.

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Q: Results for this submission Entered Answer Preview Result 62-2 (6^x)-2 correct 6t+8 6A(X+8) correct ...

A: First three subparts are correct. The final and subpart (d) is to be obtained as follows.

Q: cos(2 tan−1(x))

A: Given,

Q: The sales of Sherwin-Williams paint in different regional markets depends on several input variables...

A: Part (a)s(x) = 597.3(0.9214x + 12)Given, x = 45 cents = 0.45 dollarss(x = 0.45) = 597.3(0.9214 x 0.4...

Q: Use the Quotient Rule to differentiate the function f(x) = (tan(x) − 1)/(sec(x)   Simplify the expre...

A: Given:

Q: Can you help me with this problem step by step?

A: Consider the function f(t) = 12t - t3 in the interval [-3, ∞).

Q: Can you help me step by step?

A: The function is given by

Q: Express the given quantity as a single logarithm In(x 2)7 In x In(x23x 2)2 2

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Differentiate

A: We’ll answer the first question since the exact one wasn’t specified. Please submit a new question s...

Q: Use the limit process to find the area of the region between the graph of the function and the x-axi...

A: Given:Use the limit process to find the area of the region between the graph of the function and the...

Q: How do you find an equation of a line given a pair of points? EX: (22,26), (4,8)

A: Finding an equation of a line by giving two points

Q: see attachment

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Q: Can you help with this problem step by step?

A: Given: -

Q: Differentiate the function F(t) = (ln t)2 sin t

A: Given function is,       

Q: This is a 2 part question, kind of.... Part 1: Find the derivative.f (t) = 3t sin2 t Part 2: Is ther...

A: Given function is:Applying the derivative with respect to t and using the chain rule i.e. (uv)' = u'...

Q: Find the following indefinite integrals. X dx= Vx6 +C

A: Given,

Q: how to solve problem in photo attached

A: Given:

Q: Let f(x,y)= x2-y2 a) On the set of xy-axes, draw the level curves L(x,y) = k for k= 1,2,3. On anothe...

A: The level curves f (x, y) = k are just the traces of the graph of f in the horizontal plane z = k pr...

Q: I am confused about parts C and D.

A: Given:Three-digit numbers:

Q: Find the area of the region bounded by x = y^2 - 2, y = ln x, y = -1, and y = 1. Sketch the region.

A: We graph the functions first. We need to find the area of the shaded region.y=lnx => x= e^y

Q: Find the arc length of the curve y=12(ex+e−x) from x=0 to x=1.

A: Arc length of an infinitesimal element along the curve ds is given by 

Q: see attachment

A: From the figure, it is observed that

Q: For the composite function, identify an inside function and an outside function and write the deriva...

A: Plug f(x)= g(h(x)) in the given function. 

Q: As viewed from above, a swimming pool has the shape of the ellipse x^2/4900+y^2/2500=1 where x and y...

A: To determine the volume of the three dimensional region R , defined by the pool

Q: Exercise 5: For the following graphs, sketch a graph of the derivative (i.e., you are given f; sketc...

A: Consider the given curve of f(x).

Q: An investment grows at 24% compounded monthly. How many years will it take to do the following? (Rou...

A: Consider the given information:

Q: Find the derivative.

A: To compute the derivatives of the composite functions from the given data

Q: The question says: "A pair of parametric equations is given. a.) Sketch the curve represented by the...

A: The pair of equations has a common parameter t in them. Use the second expression to express t in te...

Q: For the composite function, identify an inside function and an outside function and write the deriva...

A: To determine the inside, outside function and derivative of the function with respect to x.

Q: Make an appropriate substitution and then use integration by parts to evaluate the integral. dx e

A: Click to see the answer

Q: A cylindrical drill with radius 2 is used to bore a hole through the center of a sphere of radius 6....

A: This can be solved with Cylindrical Shells.With radius = x, from 2 to 5.And height = 2y , where y= s...

Q: What are the reference angles for the following

A: Reference angle is the smallest angle that the terminal side of a given angle makes with the x-axis.

Q: If f'(1) = 1, f(2) = 3, f'(2) = -3, f'(4) = 10, g(1)= 4, g'(1) = 2, find (f o g)'(1) and (f(xg(x)))'...

A: Apply chain rule on to find (fog)'(1)then plug the given values. Answer: (fog)'(1) = 20

Q: Evaluate the difinite integral. ∫12x3lnx4dx type an exact answer in simplified form.

A: We need to compute the value of the given integral,

Q: see attachment

A: The polar coordinates are,

Q: If f(x) = 9ex cos(x), find f '(x) and f ''(x).

A: Used product rule to find f'(x)Answer: 9(e^x)cos(x)-9(e^x)sin(x)

Q: A tank has the shape of an inverted circular cone with a height of 10 ft and a base radius of 4 feet...

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Consider the sequence 4, 11, 18, 25, 32, .... a. Is 340 a member of the sequence? b. Is 738 a member...

A: It can be observed that the given sequence has a constant difference of 7 between the successive ter...

Q: at time t the position of a body moving along the s-axis is given by s=t^3-6t^2+9t (in meters and se...

A: To determine:Part a) The time t when the velocity is zero.Part b) Acceleration of the body when the ...

Q: Suppose an airline policy states that all baggage must be box-shaped with a sum of length, width, an...

A: Let b and h denotes the base length and height of the box.

Q: 4. Find the area that lies inside the curve r = 4 cos and outside the curve r = 2.

A: Given, curves are

Q: Identify the curve by finding a Cartesian equation for the curve. 18. θ = π/3

A: Given that

Q: I need help with question 21 in Section 3.11, page 264, of the James Stewart Calculus Eighth Edition...

A: Given,

Q: Q 10. D c (careful!). ifferentiate lIn

A: The given function is,

Q: Find the derivative using the following information.

A: To find the derivative of the square root of the expression

Q: Example 5: Use the Second Form of the Chain Rule to find the derivative of each function. Verify tha...

A: Given that

Q: Evaluate the integral -2t sin(-3t) dt Note: Use an upper-case "C" for the constant of integration.

A: Given Integral;

Q: Find the minimum and maximum values of the function y = (4t2) 1/s critical points and endpoints. on ...

A: Considering the function y = (t -4t2)1/5 in the interval [-1,3].

Q: What are the coordinates used to evaluate the following problem and how are they found?

A: Given that D is a region that lies below the sphere and above a cone.

Q: please answer question 15 with graph

A: The given function is,

Q: see attachment

A: Given that the initial point and terminal point are (–3,5) and (1,6), respectively.