Sin theta= 0.52991926

Instructions are on the image
*Find the 2 angles in the interval [0 degrees, 360 degrees)

#64: Find the reference angle θ, as the inverse sine number. Then
use this θ, to find the two angles as indicated. State your answer with the
notation θ = L.-J.
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#64: Find the reference angle θ, as the inverse sine number. Then use this θ, to find the two angles as indicated. State your answer with the notation θ = L.-J. of the given

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Q: If sinθ = 0.6, then what is tanθ?

A: Formula used:

Q: Establish the Identity (csc(x)+cot(x))/(sec(x)+tan(x))=(sec(x)-tan(x))/(csc(x)-cot(x))

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A: sin (alpha + beta) = sin (alpha) * cos (beta) + cos (alpha) * sin (beta)

Q: Verify that it is an identity  (1-sec/tan)+(tan/1-sec)=-2csc

A: We will simplify left side and make it equal to right side 

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A: To determine the standard parameters of the given trigonometric function f(x) 

Q: Let P(x,y) denote the point where the terminal side of an angle θ meets the unit circle. If P is in ...

A: Let\'s use Pythagoras theorem to solve. Where 15/17 is leg and 1 is hypotenuse measure.Let\'s solve ...

Q: how do you determine coterminals?

A: They are obtained by adding and subtacting 360 degrees

Q: 6 sin(x) + 2 cos(x) = 0

A: We are given trigonometric equation as 

Q: without using the calculator evaluate : sin ϴ, cos ϴ, tan ϴ of  a) 450° b) 10?/3

A: Since, 360 degrees + thita lies in first quadrant, so values of sine, cos and tan is positive as sho...

Q: Verify

A: Given equation is: From the rules of trigonometry: 

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A: To find the bearing angle that should be taken by the pilot.

Q: Solve the following equation on the interval [0,2x) cot(3x) 0

A: It is known that, cosx is zero when x is of the form  π/2+(2πn) or 3π/2+(2πn).

Q: Use identities to find the value of the expression

A: to evalute the given trigonometric expression

Q: Find one solution for the equation. Assume that all angles involved are acute angles.Find the value ...

A: Let suppose theta=x

Q: Simplify

A: To express the given trigonometric function as an expression in x

Q: identity to solve the following equation on the interval [0,2m) Use an sin 2x -3 cos x C.

A: The equation is given by

Q: Find the exact value

A: To evaluate cos (67.5 degrees) exactly (without calculator or tables)

Q: Find the amplitude ,the vertical asymptotes in radian ,the phase shift in radians ,the vertical shif...

A: The amplitude measures the highest y-coordinate (in absolute value) .  The given function is basical...

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A: We have to find square root of complex number(z).z is given below:

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A: We have to find distance between two points , where points are given by

Q: The question asked to find the acute angle theta, which im having difficulty doing.

A: The given equation is, 

Q: [(2tan(x)/1+sec(x))+(2+2sec(x)/tan(x))]=4csc(x)

A: Consider the left hand side,

Q: solve equation sin2theta = -cos2theta

A: Calculation:The given trigonometric equation is sin2(θ) = – cos(2θ).Solve the above equation as foll...

Q: form an identity by the following equation 4cos2t + 3sin2t

A: We are given trigonometric expression as 

Q: Write the following numbers in the polar form reiθ 0≤θ<2π . a.) 1/9 b.) 6+6i c.) -4+4i *PHOTO INC...

A: Formula used:The given formulas are used to obatin the polar form.

Q: Use an identity to write the expression as a single trigonometric function or as a single number 4 s...

A: To express the given product of trigonometric functions as a single (simpler) function

Q: Fill in the blanks so that the resulting statement is true. The point P on the unit circle that corr...

A: We know that  any point on the circle of radius r corresponds to t is ( rcost, rsint). Here r=1. The...

Q: How to graph y=tan(4x) step by step?

A: The standard form of a tangent function is,