8. From the standard enthalpies of formation, calculate ΔH°rxn for the reactionC6H12(l) + 9O2(g) → 6CO2(g) + 6H2O(l)For C6H12(l), ΔH°f = –151.9 kJ/molSubstance        ∆H°f,kJ/molC6H12(l)            –151.9O2(g)                    0H2O(l)                –285.8CO2(g)                –393.5

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8. From the standard enthalpies of formation, calculate ΔH°rxn for the reaction

C6H12(l) + 9O2(g) → 6CO2(g) + 6H2O(l)

For C6H12(l), ΔH°f = –151.9 kJ/mol

Substance        ∆H°f,kJ/mol
C6H12(l)            –151.9
O2(g)                    0
H2O(l)                –285.8
CO2(g)                –393.5

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Step 1

Enthalpy of formation for a reaction can be d...

Δ.Η-ΣΔ,Η' (products ) -ΣΔ,Η' (reactants)

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Δ.Η-ΣΔ,Η' (products ) -ΣΔ,Η' (reactants)


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