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A 0.20 M solution of niacin has a pH of 3.6. (a) What percentage of the acid is ionized in this solution? (b) What is the Ka for niacin?

A 0.20 M solution of niacin has a pH of 3.6. (a) What percentage of the acid is ionized in this solution? (b) What is the Ka for niacin?
Step 1

Niacin is a weak acid. It is also known as nicotinic acid.

Let us represent Niacin as HA, for better understanding of its dissociation.


Initial concentration of Niacin = 0.200 M

The pH of solution = 3.6

We know that

pH = -log[H+]

Step 2

If “x” amount of niacin undergoes dissociation or ionization then it will give “x” amount of hydrogen ion concentration and “x” amount of conjugate base.

So at equilibrium there will be following amount of each species:

[H+] = x

[A-]=  conjugate base of HA (niacin) = x

[HA] = concentration of niacin = 0.200-x

The dissociation will be:

Step 3

Percentage ionization ...


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