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A 232 lb fullback runs 42 yd at 19.8 +_ 0.1 mi/h. what is the uncertainty of his position?


Expert Answer

Step 1

Given information:

Mass = 232 lb

Velocity =19.8 ± 0.1 mi/h

Step 2

Heisenberg uncertainty principle states that it is impossible to determine the exact position and velocity of a particle simultaneously. The mathematical expression for Heisenberg uncertainty principle is given as follows:


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Δx. Δp > 4Tt where, Ax is uncertainty in position Ap is uncertainty in momentum (Ap = mAv) h is planck's constant (h=6.626x1034 J.s

Step 3

Conversion of velocity and mass in...


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0.4536 kg Mass 232 lbx 1lb 105.23 kg Velocity 19.8t 0.1 mi/h 8.85 0.04 m/s


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