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A 300 g block on a 58-cm-long string swings in a circle on a horizontal, frictionless table at 70 rpm.

What is the speed of the block?

What is the tension in the string?

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Step 1

Given information:

Mass of the block (m) = 300 g = 0.3 kg

Length of the string (l) = 58 cm = 0.58 m

Revolution per minute (N) = 70 rpm

Step 2

We know that the angular velocity of the block is given by:

2π (70)
7.33 rad/sec
The velocity of the block is given by:
l (0.58) x (7.33) = 4.25 m/s

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2π (70) 2πΝ 7.33 rad/sec 60 60 The velocity of the block is given by: l (0.58) x (7.33) = 4.25 m/s v

Step 3

The tension in the string is equal to the c...

mla2 (0.3 x 0.58)(7.332)= 9.34 N

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mla2 (0.3 x 0.58)(7.332)= 9.34 N T


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