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A 76.00 pound flat of mercury $156.50. The density of margarie is 13.534g/cm3. Find the price of 1cubic inch of mercury by calculating intermediate values


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Step 1


The Cost of 76.00-pound flask of mercury  = $156.50

The density of mercury is =  13.534 g/cm3

We need to find the price of 1 cubic inch of mercury.

Step 2


The Cost of 76.00-pound flask of mercury  = $156.50

1-pound flask of Mercury =  $156.50 / 76 dollars

                                                    = 2.05 dollars

We know that , 1 pound = 453.592 g

If 1 pound of Mercury = 453.592 g  and costs  2.05 dollars

                                                  1 g will cost---------------?

On cross multiplication,

1 X 2.05 /453.592 g = 0.0045 dollars

So, the cos of 1 g Mercury = 0.0045 dollars

Step 3

Calculating the volume of the flask:

Density = Mass/volume

Volume = Mass /Density

Substitute the known values of mass (in g)  and density ( in g/cm3) ,

Volume =  76 X 453.592 g / 13.534 g/cm3

                 = 2547.1 cc

                 = 155.43 Cubic inch

The volume of Mercury is 1...

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